There is a type of crossroad that looks so innocent and yet is so potentially dangerous because of lack of road markings. 




It is the unmarked crossroads. 

Thankfully there are a lot less of these about nowadays; and are generally found on housing estates. As drivers approach this type of crossroad to go straight ahead; there are no road markings or signs and hence assume they have priority.  Try and think if there is one of these crossroads near you or one that you use. 




The unmarked crossroad looks the same to the driver who is driving along the road crossing your path; there are no signs or road markings for him either, so no one has priority. You can see the danger of this type of crossroad.  The correct way to treat this type of crossroad is to treat it as if you are crossing a major road.  Check your mirror on approach, reduce speed, take proper observation before emerging, and proceed when safe to do so.  Think defensive; look after you and yours, and you may also save others.  Remember it doesn't take much longer to do things in a much safer way, but it does take a lot of concentration to always be aware of these situations.


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